Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me if I have any interest or hobby. I was clueless about how to answer. Maybe its really an old-fashioned question coming from a casual conversation.

If it is an interview question, surely I can come up with interest like singing, reading, swimming and hanging out with friends. 

Back to my friend, he was stunned like …why would I not have a hobby. And I thought to myself.. is it time to be obsessed with something? He suggested collecting watches or baking…? I shook my head.. The disturbing look on his face made me wondered if anything is wrong with my life. Within myself, I quickly summarised my current lifestyle.

What do I do now to make me happy?

The answer is, I engage in random activities that come into my mind. Its like telling myself, “Hey this is interesting and I am going to set time to do it.”

Primarily, the joy of my life now is having to spend loving moment with family watching our little girl grow each day. And then arranging hearty meals with my friends knowing our friendships were to built to last. Work wise, I am surrounded by opportunities allowing me to make a difference to others and at the same time, develop myself personally with enriching experiences.

In a nutshell, I have been working towards achieving my desired work-life balance. Time is shorter as a working parent who wants active social life as well.

Otherwise when I am alone, I pretty much look forward to blog.

So… what’s your hobby now?

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