6 thoughts on “Leia reads Feeding Time

  1. Hi

    This is so encouraging to see your little girl able to read so confidently. Can I find out how do you manage to teach your daughter to be an independent reader? My girl refuses to read and only wants me to read to her. 😦

    • Thank you Theresa. I used to wonder when will my girl read on her own too. Actually… I do not have a delibrate method to train her to read.

      What I constantly did was praising her effort whenever she attempts to read her favourite story book. Start with the basic reader book like Peter and Jane.

      Lately we played games like taking turns to read a book to each other and that further aroused her interest to read on her own.

  2. Thanks for your sharing. My girl is in the same year as your girl and I’ve been following your blog on Mindchamps. Thanks for the sharing and I have decided to place my girl in MC next month (or next week!)

  3. I’m so amazed to see how your girl has benefitted much in Mindchamps.

    My gal has been with mindchamps at turf city. Sad to say we do not have such mothers and Father’s Day celebration …

    Things became worse when the business was sold to another without prior informing us… Each week the kids spend extended amt of time playing and was introduced a letter every two weeks or so…

    I regretted placing my child with the school .

    • Hi Ang,

      Thank you. You may want to feedback to the principal, maybe there will be improvement…

      I have visited two branches of Mindchamps, in the end I chose the branch that is further in terms of distance.

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