Library Books for April 2014

Yesterday, we went Bedok Mall for lunch at Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest 1 Michelin Star Dim Sum Restaurant from Hong Kong.

As usual, there was a queue however 2 adults and 1 child needs no waiting. Bret and I were very pleased but… when the food was served, I was kinda disappointed and wondered if it was my taste bud or  inconsistence among branches? Maybe it wasn’t my day.

After a disappointing lunch, there was nothing to shop at the mall. So I told Bret to bring us to Whitesands. We went to the library located at 4th floor.

Found the book I planned to borrow, The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt & Pictures by Oliver Jeffers.


As soon as I got home, I read the book to Leia. From the perspective of crayons, the content was really refreshing.


Our Library Books for the Month of April.


Leia is able to read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” on her own and she loves all the books we borrowed.

An idea hit me. I initiated a Mini-Reading Game.

On the bed, we hid the books under the blanket. Then we took turns to pick a “mystery title” and read out aloud.  It was fun and I didn’t have to read all the titles by myself.

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