Adventure Day for Leia & Shevon

On Wednesday, Best Friend B and I accompanied our little girls to watch a “Rapunzel” organised by Mindchamps, Tampines Point.

There is Leia and her best friend holding hands while waiting for the coach.


The little girls enjoyed the show. So did I.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 6.55.51 pm

Do visit Princess Dana Diaries for a blog review of the play.

After the play, B and I decided to bring our girls out instead of returning to schools.

Two mummies and two little girls walked from Robertson Quay to Liang Court.


Had spagetti for lunch and then.. Royce Kids Gym! Didn’t look impressive from the entrance but…. wow, the variety of toys is by far the best I have seen.


At the dress up corner, B and I had to convince our girls to try out the costume.


A Superb Play Haven for kids. Parents, get there and you will know what I mean. I would return again during weekdays where there is less crowd.

Next, we walked to Clark Quay Mrt and boarded the train.

Always ferried by private cars, Leia hardly have the chance to cross traffic lights and take public transport. While crossing the road…

Mummy S: “Is it interesting?”
Leia: “Yes!”

In the train, Leia was quiet and observing the environment. Her eyes looked tired although she is fascinated by mrt trains.


We alight at Bugis for Swensens. The kids love ice cream…


And Fries! During secondary school days, my volleyball mates and I often order this. Still look the same to me.


Afternoon snacks fufilled, I suggested going to National Library. Walking again.

The selections of books at National Library for junior is pretty limited compared to other libraries. Still, the girls managed to find Dora books and had fun at the tree house.


After a long day, my father came to pick us up. While waiting for my dad, we let the two girls run and chased each other.

Instead of schooling, the girls in their red preschool uniforms hang out at malls & library with their mummies.

An unplanned awesome day.. Also tiring too.  Blessed to have my dad there for us.

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