Look Who’s Talking: Octopus

Lately, I bought a mini whiteboard from Daiso.

With the whiteboard, we can both lay in bed and doodle. Sometimes, I like to draw as I tell a story.  We played Charade as a family too. Bret hardly draws in his life and its funny when we teased each others’ drawings. 

Once, I drew an octopus with three tentacles.

Mummy S: “How many more tentacles do we need?”

Leia replied immediately: “5.”

I was totally shocked by her rapid answer. She looked certain and didn’t seem to have guessed the answer. Has my 3.5 year old picked up Mental Arithmetic from school? I wished

Towards me, Leia is unwilling to reveal what she learnt from school. Whenever I asked her about school, she just smiled and refused to answer. However, I do realised Leia’s maths have been pretty impressive since she entered Mindchamps.

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