Art and Crafts: The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Mashmallows

Back home, we had dinner together. Cleaned up and I continued to bring in more fun for Leia. She was hopeful about the activity I proposed.

Waving her favourite book to her, Leia looked puzzled.

Mummy S: “We are going to paint The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Mashmallows!”

Leia quickly popped a mashmallow into her mouth: “I am very hungry!”

I had to put on a serious facial expression to stop her from popping another mashmallow into her mouth. Then, I cut the mashmallows into 3 pieces as the caterpillar needs three shades.


Gently, Leia pressed the mashmallows on the paint and then onto the white paper to create the caterpillar.


Pretty easy for my cheeky 3.5 years old. She was focusing and watching how the colour was transferred from mashmallow to paper.


After the paint was dry, we had to find the right pair of wriggly eyes and glued them onto the caterpillar’s face. Last step was drawing the caterpillars’ legs.

So, here’s the outcome of our very first “Book Craft”.


We also did the fruits, cocoon and butterfly! I shall cover our crafts in another entry.

Home can be as fun too. After my 1-1 time with Leia, Bret played with leia. Their usual games that made Leia laughed really loud.

When it was time to sleep, I found myself couldn’t bear to end the wonderful day.

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