4th Wedding Anniversary 2014

On 28th March 2014, we decided on Teppanyaki for lunch.

Bret: “Let’s go Hilltop Restaurant at Jurong.”

Serena: “You sure?? Its in Jurong!”

Bret smiled: “its our wedding anniversary.”

40mins journey, we arrived the restaurant at 2.30pm. Apparently we were the only two guests.


With the orange apron on, I concealed my hunger with a smile.


Here is my Foie Gras and Steak…


We ordered quite a list from the menu:

– Sirloin Steak
– Foie Gras
– Scallops
– Teriyaki Chicken
– Dory
– Chawanmushi
– Fresh Mushrooms
– Garlic Rice

Overwhelming appetite we had. I like the foie gras and Chawanmushi best.

It was Bret’s first time and he commented the chef is quite good. I think its quite an interesting place… a restaurant on top of a hill behind Jurong Bird Park.

Pricing wise, we spent about S$155 for our order.

After a very hearty meal, we decided to head back home and rest.

Bret thought of going to Pan Pacific Hotel Lounge to chill at night. Somehow I prefer to spend our evening with our little girl.

We had dinner at The Fruit Tart Shop. Bret and I like the tarts.


Back home, the father and daughter played much. Before sleeping, Leia requested for her current favourite song, “If we hold on together” by Diana song.

So much so for our simple yet very happy wedding anniversary celebration.

We have loved each other for 16 years and this is our 4th year as husband and wife as well as parents of Leia.

We felt wonderful as lovers. As married couple, we experienced great responsibilities. As parents, we synced together and enjoyed every family moment with our cutest cheeky Leia.


“You don’t marry one person; You marry three. The person you think they are, the person they are, the person they are going be as a result of marrying you.” – Richard Needham

Instead of aiming to have a perfect marriage, Bret and I have been working on giving in a little extraordinary in our everyday life together.

Thank you Hubby for everything.

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