Nam Nam at Raffles City

Over the weekend, I was craving for vietnamese rice rolls. So I arranged a Tuesday dinner at Nam Nam.

Took mrt train from my place to Raffles city. Not too crowded. Its the long queue at restaurant that makes me feel tsk…

About 20mins later, entered the restaurant for the first time. My friend was hopeful because the waitresses were vietnamese.

Sauce by the side of the table.


Ordered the rice rolls and sadly, it was a disappointment for me.


I have tried rice rolls prepared by Vietnamese friend… and hers were so much better. Prefer to dip into fish sauce rather than peanut sauce.

My Pho arrived…


Nothing fascinating and made me wonder about the queue & popularity. I tried to add the different sauces into the soup… and that didn’t create any positive impact.

Best Friend B did share with me, “Nam Nam dropped standard.”

After an unsatisfying dinner, my friends and I went over to Tiong Bahru Bakery for coffee.


I am not a coffee person but I felt comforted after a sip.

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