A day with B

Yesterday Best Friend B and I had an impromptu meet up.

We were home texting and repeatedly asked each other the same qn “What should we have for lunch?” like ping pong game.

Our stomach growling and she was still enjoying korean drama at home. I was done with my emails and work so I told her we should just get out of house and decide what to have at the mall.

I did what I said. And knew she will take her own sweet time to reach our meeting point. When I had reached, she replied that she just left home….

Good thing is, I was shopping for books & Stationery at Popular Bookstore.

When she arrived, I was still not done. My stomach felt awfully empty. Both of us wanted something nice and then I remembered Putien.

I love their signature chilli & dishes.


Then, we went to my place. B was so drowsy and then suddenly she requested to have home baked cake.

I told her I want a really simple recipe and she found it! Check out my next entry.

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