Mandarin at Home

Leia grows up in an all-english environment. Inevitably, she rarely converse in mandarin. All along, I leave academic development to the school until last week, her teacher called me.

Teacher: “Hi Mrs Khoo, do you revise Chinese Characters with Leia at home?”

Stunned Mummy S: “erm… no”

So now, I need to revise chinese characters with my little girl…


Did some cut outs and using blue tacs, I pasted the laminated cards on the wall.


Using the cards and portable whiteboard, I taught Leia the meaning and strokes of the characters. After 3 days, she is able to recognise and write couple of chinese characters now.

Leia likes Mummy-Turned-Teacher. We have a new routine; 15-30 minutes chinese lesson everyday over the weekend.

Inspired by my chinese teacher in primary school, our daily lesson plan includes:

  • Introduction of two new Chinese Characters
  • Practice Writing
  • Reading Chnese Books & Story telling using whiteboard
  • Playing toys and Conversing in 100% Mandarin

Her response to our routine has been pretty positive. I reckon its because she’s been watching Ni Hao Kai Lan.

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