Best Friend B on Bday Eve

My darling took a day off to pre-celebrate my birthday.

We had breakfast at coffee bean.

At the cashier, she smiled & said “Today everything on me!!!”

I went, “huh…”

Somehow it pinch my heart when she spends on me. B is financially well but I know its her hard earned money & I will feel better if she spends on her family & herself.

That’s the thing about our friendship. We want each other to be happy and well.


Couple of hours later, we arrived Mezza9, Grand Hyatt for lunch.


After a night of morton’s steak, I craved for small bites so we shared a Lobster Bisque & Bento Set.


In the soup, there was only one lobster meat that tasted heavenly. As for bento set, it was alright for me.


We went back to east & she accompanied me at Jean Yip Salon for hours. I was doing hair colour & spa as well as nails.

For dinner, I asked to have Express Teppanyaki. B dropped her jaws, looking disappointed.

B: “Can we have something good? Its your birthday.”

I said, “I really want express teppanyki.”

Knowing she wants me to feel special and happy is enough.

Thank you my dear best friend for everything.

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