Mortons Steakhouse with H & E

My dearest H & E planned a beautiful & memorable birthday dinner for me at Mortons’s Steakhouse, 4th level Mandarin Oriental Hotel.


First time for three of us.

Morton’s is one of those old-fashioned classically American fine-dining steakhouses with a history spanning decades. The Singapore one is the first to be opened of its 6 international outlets, housed in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel. To ensure continuity and familiarity, the Singapore restaurant was built in same decor, concept and style as with all of the other branches.

The restaurant, kept aglow with lowlights, and coupled with the dark wood interior of the restaurant provides the ideal setting of a traditional steakhouse experience. The restaurant, with its butler-like service and visual presentation of the menu with a rolling meat cart and detailed descriptions of the preparation of each dish, maintains its old-world charm since the chain was founded in the late 70’s. ” – The Hunny Bunny

H had Fillet Mignon & E ordered Chicken Christopher.


I chose Centre-Cut Prime Ribeye to go along with our bottle of Pinot Noir.


Heavenly moment… Perfect Place, Companions, Steak and Wine!

Portion of my tender and juicy ribeye was the biggest I ever had. Mixed feeling about the main course. I want to finish yet I can’t bear to. Coming to the last few bites, my stomach was very full yet I cannot bring myself to stop.

And then the birthday surprise arranged by H & E.


A handwritten card and picture from Morton’s.


After few glasses of wine, I was tipsy as I made a birthday wish. S.H.E will be happy always & celebrate our birthdays together year after year.


Love our awesome friendship.

Thank you God, I feel very blessed to have H & E in my life.

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