Hai Dai Lao with Hubby

Bret has changed. These day, he initates to make reservation for dinner.

This week, I finally made it to Hai Di Lao. Everyone’s been telling me how much they want to return for the soup base.

Bret told me it was so-so but he promised to bring me there.


We had Ma La & Chicken Soup base for our steamboat. Their speciality chilli reminds me of Putien Chilli sauce.. It is on the spicy side.


The ambience and layout of Hai Di Lao reminds me of the hot pot experience I had in HK. I noticed all the staffs were non-local chinese and they provide luxury experience to diners.

Hai Di Lao is known for their impeccable service. Free manicure, tibits and games and highly attentive staffs. That… made me want to come back to this hot pot restaurant.

I am returning with H & E next month !

Hai Di Lao Hotpot
Address: 3D River Valley Road
#02-04 Clarke Quay
Tel: 82636674
Opening hours: 12pm to 3am

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