Storybooks and Worksheets at Home

Leia was thrilled to learn that I suggested going to the library. Bret watched the little girl as I looked for books.

She picked few books from the shelves and here’s our titles.


Leia got to know of Eric Carle from her school. She was very happy to bring home “The Hungry Caterpillar” and asked if I can buy the book for her. Yes, I will.

Once home, she “read” the library books to herself. After going through all the books, she told me her favourite story was “Little Cloud”. Indeed, a fan of Eric Carle.


I have seen the title “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” couple of times. Finally, it is in my hand.


The board book is interesting and colourful.


Leia giggled as I read to her.

Here is my girl and her multi-purpose table in our bedroom. She asked to have worksheet and so I googled and printed a counting worksheet.


Count and colour. My mum does worksheets with her and she grows to enjoy the activity.


After colouring, I took out a new activity book with stickers. Jonah and the Whale.


Then a story about beautiful Queen Esther. She did this entire page on her own.


Peeling and pasting the stickers onto the magnificent palace and garden. I like this one.

Next entry, we did Baby chef again.. this time with daddy Bret.

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