Leia at Time Zone

Often, many individuals and familes woke up wondering..”What’s for lunch?”

Bret and I let Leia decide. The 3 year old called for “Tamago Sushi” again so we went Express Nihon Mura.


Next, we made an impromptu visit to Time Zone arcade at Great World City. We saw this mini bowling game and Bret was ready to play the game with our little girl.


When it comes to parenting, Bret plays the role of a sport coach to Leia. Their activity together is always action-packed. From tossing pillows to mini foot ball game.


A decade ago, he taught me how to bowl and now its Leia’s turn to try bowling.


Not bad, she managed to hit some pins.


After bowling, time for another ball game. Basketball!

I think she is quite good with basketball.

Next, we saw something fun, Ducky Splash.

Its like a combination of water gun and rubber ducky.

The objective is to chase the ducky into the holes. Will challenge Bret with this game next time.

Bret had to meet his client nearby the mall so we didn’t get to play as much as we would like. Look forward to next visit.

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