Curious George

Two months ago, Leia introduced Curious George to me. We watched the videos on youtube from her iPad and I was amused by the child-like monkey.

Yesterday, I bought books from a book fair. One of the titles, Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory.


Leia is a chocolate lover and we found chocolates with different fillings in the book.


As usual, the playful monkey got curious and caused trouble. I questioned Leia about what George did and we talked about how he helped to clear the mess he created. She was able to point out what went wrong and what happened next.

I like books that teach children about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world she lives in.

Fantasy books provide material for her imagination and free play.  Fairy tales fascinate the kid, and help her distinguish between what is real and what is not

Begining to like Curious George myself.

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