Love Friday

Once in a while, Best Friend B applies leave to relax and hang out together. It is my honour and this time, we chose Friday at a nostalgia place for lunch, Great World City.

Decided on Japanese Charcoal Bbq for lunch at Smoke House. Photo Credit from Daniel Food Diary.

For 90 min, $23 Buffet Lunch per Adult


Food aside, the moment at lunch was hilarious and fun. I was laughing non-stop and had great time with B. She was more than humourous.

Do visit Thumbs for Food for more pictures and review of Smoke House.

Personally, I prefer Ssikkek.

After lunch, we went to my place. I made Apple pie & Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup for dinner. B and I had hours of chat about our family and work.

“True Friendship is never serene.” – Marie De Rabutin-Chantal quotes  

For the entire week, Bret had worked unusually hard and I decided to prepare a delicious and fragrant soup for a comforting Friday night.

As soon as dinner was ready, Bret and Leia finished everything. I didn’t manage to take original picture.

Photo credit with recipe from Silver Lining.


Bret likes the soup and we were smiling throughout knowing both of us don’t have to work the next day.

We played and sang songs with our little girl. Before lights off, I read a new book to her and glad she enjoys the story.

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