Art and Crafts: The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Mashmallows

Back home, we had dinner together. Cleaned up and I continued to bring in more fun for Leia. She was hopeful about the activity I proposed.

Waving her favourite book to her, Leia looked puzzled.

Mummy S: “We are going to paint The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Mashmallows!”

Leia quickly popped a mashmallow into her mouth: “I am very hungry!”

I had to put on a serious facial expression to stop her from popping another mashmallow into her mouth. Then, I cut the mashmallows into 3 pieces as the caterpillar needs three shades.


Gently, Leia pressed the mashmallows on the paint and then onto the white paper to create the caterpillar.


Pretty easy for my cheeky 3.5 years old. She was focusing and watching how the colour was transferred from mashmallow to paper.


After the paint was dry, we had to find the right pair of wriggly eyes and glued them onto the caterpillar’s face. Last step was drawing the caterpillars’ legs.

So, here’s the outcome of our very first “Book Craft”.


We also did the fruits, cocoon and butterfly! I shall cover our crafts in another entry.

Home can be as fun too. After my 1-1 time with Leia, Bret played with leia. Their usual games that made Leia laughed really loud.

When it was time to sleep, I found myself couldn’t bear to end the wonderful day.

A Day of Fun

Bret and I have bringing Leia out on weekend. Something we look forward in our parenthood. All the emails, appointments and calls are finally set aside and we get to enrich our life with Leia for the strongest and happiest moment.

“It is not about squeezing time for family time; it is what God gave you time for.”

For lunch, the little chatterbox requested for Tamago Sushi & Tobiko Sushi again. While queuing at Sushi Tei, we bumped into my Cousin Adeline and her hubby. Had a quick catch up there.

There’s Leia enjoying her favourite sushi.


Next, Bret drove to my parent’s place to pick up the new bicycle my dad specially bought for Leia. She was overjoyed to know that we are bringing her to cycle outdoor.

When I first saw the bicycle, I could already imagined Leia cycling at the park. Thank God for the breezy weather. Happy us arrived Pasir Ris Beach Park!


Bret set his hp on camera mode to capture the beautiful outdoor moment.


Cycling is an activity to develop gross motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination. Bret, the sports coach guided Leia and gave her some push. We could see that she enjoyed the fun and nature.


The green, sand and beach are just great because we get to be out of concrete and away from all the hustle and bustle. Family fun outdoor is a wonderful way to get to recconect with each other too.


Leia was motivated to cycle to the biggest playground. Picture how her eyes widened and very soon, she was at the steps to the slide.


Children loves slides; we lost count of the times Leia went up and down.


The greatest joy we experience is in family relationships because we put the wealth of joy of others above our own. Bret and I grinned to each other whenever Leia smiles.


There was so much fun at the playground. Leia hopped onto a “spaceship”


And then, a rcoket-inspired plane!


We moved over to the soft sandy play area. Bret carried her to the swing and all we saw was pure happiness in her eyes. She knows we want her to be happy.


In life, we are bound to encounter obstacles on our path. We need to overcome fear with our faith and the encouragement from our loved ones help us to overcome the hurdles.


After climbing up twice with guidance, Leia was confident and ready to take the steps on her own!


Bret and I applauded to her proud moment when she reached the top.

“Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Thank you God.


4th Wedding Anniversary 2014

On 28th March 2014, we decided on Teppanyaki for lunch.

Bret: “Let’s go Hilltop Restaurant at Jurong.”

Serena: “You sure?? Its in Jurong!”

Bret smiled: “its our wedding anniversary.”

40mins journey, we arrived the restaurant at 2.30pm. Apparently we were the only two guests.


With the orange apron on, I concealed my hunger with a smile.


Here is my Foie Gras and Steak…


We ordered quite a list from the menu:

– Sirloin Steak
– Foie Gras
– Scallops
– Teriyaki Chicken
– Dory
– Chawanmushi
– Fresh Mushrooms
– Garlic Rice

Overwhelming appetite we had. I like the foie gras and Chawanmushi best.

It was Bret’s first time and he commented the chef is quite good. I think its quite an interesting place… a restaurant on top of a hill behind Jurong Bird Park.

Pricing wise, we spent about S$155 for our order.

After a very hearty meal, we decided to head back home and rest.

Bret thought of going to Pan Pacific Hotel Lounge to chill at night. Somehow I prefer to spend our evening with our little girl.

We had dinner at The Fruit Tart Shop. Bret and I like the tarts.


Back home, the father and daughter played much. Before sleeping, Leia requested for her current favourite song, “If we hold on together” by Diana song.

So much so for our simple yet very happy wedding anniversary celebration.

We have loved each other for 16 years and this is our 4th year as husband and wife as well as parents of Leia.

We felt wonderful as lovers. As married couple, we experienced great responsibilities. As parents, we synced together and enjoyed every family moment with our cutest cheeky Leia.


“You don’t marry one person; You marry three. The person you think they are, the person they are, the person they are going be as a result of marrying you.” – Richard Needham

Instead of aiming to have a perfect marriage, Bret and I have been working on giving in a little extraordinary in our everyday life together.

Thank you Hubby for everything.

Nam Nam at Raffles City

Over the weekend, I was craving for vietnamese rice rolls. So I arranged a Tuesday dinner at Nam Nam.

Took mrt train from my place to Raffles city. Not too crowded. Its the long queue at restaurant that makes me feel tsk…

About 20mins later, entered the restaurant for the first time. My friend was hopeful because the waitresses were vietnamese.

Sauce by the side of the table.


Ordered the rice rolls and sadly, it was a disappointment for me.


I have tried rice rolls prepared by Vietnamese friend… and hers were so much better. Prefer to dip into fish sauce rather than peanut sauce.

My Pho arrived…


Nothing fascinating and made me wonder about the queue & popularity. I tried to add the different sauces into the soup… and that didn’t create any positive impact.

Best Friend B did share with me, “Nam Nam dropped standard.”

After an unsatisfying dinner, my friends and I went over to Tiong Bahru Bakery for coffee.


I am not a coffee person but I felt comforted after a sip.

Leia & Chinese Reader 第一本

Last month, I subscribed the Chinese Readers Books reccomended by Mindchamps.

The teachers will read the books in class and last week, we found the first chinese reader book in her bag.


We had missed the boat to converse with Leia in mandarin. And when she read the book to us, everyone at home was amazed.

Thanks to Mindchamps,  the curriculum and lessons have cultivated Leia’s passion to speak and read mandarin.

A day with B

Yesterday Best Friend B and I had an impromptu meet up.

We were home texting and repeatedly asked each other the same qn “What should we have for lunch?” like ping pong game.

Our stomach growling and she was still enjoying korean drama at home. I was done with my emails and work so I told her we should just get out of house and decide what to have at the mall.

I did what I said. And knew she will take her own sweet time to reach our meeting point. When I had reached, she replied that she just left home….

Good thing is, I was shopping for books & Stationery at Popular Bookstore.

When she arrived, I was still not done. My stomach felt awfully empty. Both of us wanted something nice and then I remembered Putien.

I love their signature chilli & dishes.


Then, we went to my place. B was so drowsy and then suddenly she requested to have home baked cake.

I told her I want a really simple recipe and she found it! Check out my next entry.