Baby Chef: Donut

Sunday afternoon is usually a time where I let Leia do some gourmet at home. She loves this activity.

Leia looked at the picture instructions on the packaging and pointed out the need for whisk.


The fun recipe can be found at the back of the packaging. Add simple ingredients Egg, Sugar and Melted Butter into the Hot Cake Mix.


And mix to get our dough. Leia is getting better at rolling the dough.


We need about 1cm thickness of dough. Time to press the donut cutter!


I got the donut cutter from Daiso quite sometime ago.


Next, I deep-fried the donuts. Here’s our homemade donuts coated with icing sugar.


Tastes different from retail donuts but Leia loves it. Maybe because she knows she made them.


Bret’s review: “How come taste like cake?”

Well, it was a hot cake mix after all.

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