Valentine’s Day 2014

Weeks before, Bret asked if I want to have Valentine Dinner at PS Cafe of Black Swan. My answer was no.

Instead, I requested to have dinner at Express Teppanyaki, Tampines Mall. Apart from my cravings, it is a place we pampered ourselves as students.

Bret tells me he will always order flowers for me on Valentine’s Day and indeed, a bouquet of roses year after year. Thank you hubby. I love traditions and just as other occasions, presenting flowers is one of the traditions on Valentine’s Day.

This year he surprised me by arranging delivery 9-6am to our place. He was shocked to know I’d be out in the morning for work. So he asked mil to receive on my behalf.


The 2nd surprise for me was that the Far East Flora roses were in a heart shaped box. Immediately, I know he is trying to order something different from the past 15 years..

But I cannot help text him, “Why flowers getting smaller & smaller?” Lol.. according to him, the highlight was the gift card.


And my gift for Bret…


A tee shirt from Amarni Exchange & a Customised printed valentine’s card. Inside, I told him how special he was to me.

Bret had suggested baking a cake together. That’s something we have not done as a team before. However I was not in the mood as my mind was heavily infused with a new project at work.

But.. I do miss Awfully Chocolate Cake. So we bought the All-Chocolate Cake for dessert.

Back at home, Leia gave us a Valentine Card and Heart-shaped sandwich which she made from school.


Our girl was delighted to see a cake on the table. Leia gets to blow out the candle and cut a slice of cake for herself. Yummy night.

Hope you had a wonderful valentine’s day.

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