Thoughts about Vday

With social media like facebook and instagram, we get to see festive posts on special occasions. Yesterday was Valentine’s day and it was really nice to see my friends receiving lovely surprises and beautiful bouquets from their special ones.

Bret and I have always been doing something special since our dating days. 

“Back in school days, I prepared a humble vday meal for him and we dined in my bedroom for private moment. When we first started working, we had Black Pepper Crab on vday. In 2012, we had our First-Ever Most Expensive Valentine Dinner at Marriott Hotel. Last year, I suggested making our Own Vday Dinner at home.”

Besides different roses and different dining places, Bret puts in effort to surprise me indirectly or directly. As for me, I will get him a gift.

Anniversary wise, I am not as enthusiastic about the plans … no doubt its a special date for us but somehow my heart only ask for a dinner that make both of us happy. Every week day he is already cracking his brain to battle at work and Bret is not really an adventurous individual.

So I prefer to save the expenses on all anniversaries and travel overseas with Leia. Well… that’s for me. Every couple is unique in their celebrations.

Shall update our Vday 2014 in the next post. Stay tune

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