Leia & Cny

Chinese New Year is the time where we meet our cousins and relatives to celebrate the important occasion. The festive starts from the Chinese New Year eve to the 15th day.

Cousin Darren has a flair in photography.


The pictures in this entry were all taken by him. This afternoon, he tagged me on facebook.

Here we have the most recent pictures featuring 3 year old Leia and Cousin Darren’s 4 year old daughter, Tiffany on Cny Day 1.

Leia and Tiffany

As I browsed his CNY Photo Album on facebook, I found Leia’s younger days during cny. Immediately, I went “Wow!”

In this pic, she was 2 years old and dressed in orange chinese costume.


At a Cny Dinner, she was walking around looking for Tiffany.


When she found her, they hugged.


I remember Aunt Jenni kepting telling Cousin Darren to take more pictures of the little girls.

And then, Leia was 1 year old and had her first- Ever Cny Celebration at Uncle Richard’s house.


Soooo Chubby back then.

“The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce instantly.” – Demetri Martin

Bret doesn’t like it when I take pictures of food or sometimes even Leia when we are out. Until I showed him all the pictures that were taken months or years ago, then he will understand my intention. The keyword, Memory.

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