Cny Day 3: 2014

Last month my client told me about his passion for lion dance and I gave him my support.

At 2pm, the “lion” arrived and its Pink!


A short video clip of the dance towards the end here.

Bret’s first time and he was grinning most of the time. Honestly, it feels different having the lion dance at our own house. Likely, we are going to have lion dance next year with our friends around too.

In my mind, “Keeping the chinese culture alive”.

Next, my dad suggested going to a temple at loyang where there is a real horse. We queued up and the little girl gets to feel the horse.


After parting with my parents, we made our way to Downtown East for “Lion Men” movie. Leia loves to go cinema because she gets to eat pop corn and experience the atmosphere.


Leia was real happy throughout the day.

Back at home, Bret and I prepared mini steamboat for our friends. With Best friend B in the house, I made Fried Nian Gao. But the ultimate agenda for the men was to play poker cards!


Our guests include his secondary school friends, colleagues and my best friend. For the night, big winner was B’s hubby Rowen.B and I made new friends, Tammy and Silver.

“The men were happily playing cards, the children were busy in the play room, the ladies were enjoying the exclusive chat about relationships, diet tips and life. “

Around 12am, I pat Leia to sleep. Went back to the ladies and went on to 4am.. Bid goodbye to our dear friends.

Before Bret and I knocked out, he told me his friends commented we chatted as though we are long-time girl friends despite its our first meet up.

Next gathering with friends will be on the 8th Feb.

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