Cny Day 2 : 2014

Every year day 2, Bret and his “blood brothers” will visit his leon’s parents.

A promise for more than a decade. This is Leia’s 2nd visit too.

Another friend of Bret, J has three lovely daughters. Coincidentally they wore stripy dresses too. Here is Leia & 2 sisters interacting with Hublot.


Enjoyed watching the sisters..the way their pretty mother dress them up and the couple did a wonderful job in raising the three girls.

Bret and I didnt stay long as I need to get steamboat ingredients for dinner before our big family cny movie.

Approaching 8pm, mil brought Leia to aunt Roslyn’s place while Bret and I made our way to the Big Family Cny Movie at Shaw Plaza.

Cousin Daniel organized the annual family movie event. It is our first time joining them and the number of movie tickets in cousin’s hand was 25 !


A family picture with my mum’s relatives before entering the cinema.


We watched the show “From Vegas to Macau” by Chow Yun Fatt – God of Gambler. Nice!

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