Cny Day 1 : 2014

We woke up around 9am. I got dressed and dolled up with my latest Urban Decay Naked 3.


Love the pastel shades and ready to 拜年.


Wore a white top and jeans. Having to carry Leia from time to time, comfortable is my priority.

Limelight is Leia. The little girl in symbolic red. Relatives calling her princess and we realised she was still feeling sleepy at our first visiting place.


As usual, mil fed her while Bret and I ate the delicious steamboat prepared by his aunt and uncle.

Next, we proceed to Big Aunt House and then my mum place. Tired us took afternoon nap before going to Uncle Alan’s place.

Started off with steamboat dinner and Lou Hei!


With a pair of chopsticks, Leia was busy looking for crackers.


Alas, highlight of the night.. “In-Between” game.


Its not about winning money. Its the thrill and surprise!


Family bonding with relatives at the table. Laughter and joy to end our day 1 cny.

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