Baby Chef: Pineapple Tart

Excited my girl with Gourmet Moment at home. I showed her pictures of Pineapple Tarts and adopted the recipe from Little Teochew.

Leia helped to sieve the flours and icing sugar. Bret was watching tv and her eyes were glued to the chinese movie on screen as she sieved.


I thought it might be tiring for her little hands but she was determined to finish sieving.

Previously I had been using Food Processor to make doughs. However I realised rub-in methods using fingertips deliver better taste and texture.


I must say Leia did a really good job. We achieved the bread crumbs texture and moved on to prepare egg mixture.


Our tart dough was ready. Told Leia to get the roller pin out and my mum was surprised that the little girl knows exactly where I keep my things.


With my mum and Leia, we made the CNY Festive Cookie, Pineapple Tarts together.

Our little playdoh expert and I were in charge of pressing the cookie cutter onto the dough and lined them on the baking tray. My mum rolled the perfect size for golden pineapple paste.

Truly it was a fun, meaningful afternoon for three of us.


Out from oven, we have pipping hot pineapple tarts made with love by three generations.


Bret ate many pineapple tarts… and I am glad that I brewed herbal tea for us.

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