Buzzing Wednesday

For the whole of wednesday, I worked from morning till late.

Lunch was something I can munch as I walk around office. Meeting ended, I travelled from places to places. World’s Greatest Dad was drove me to two places.
Here’s me in his car.

When I took over the car, I travelled to more places. I was racing with time.

In between my breaks, I drove to mum’s place to look at my little girl. She was so happy to see me and hugged me with abundance of love the moment I entered mum’s place.

However, I still have my appointment and it was during dinner time I decided to meet Esther for KFC. We were supposed to avoid chicken in order to reduce bloatedness but… well I miss the taste of original KFC chicken. Fetched Esther home, it was time for another appointment.

My last appointment ended at 9pm and I was soooo motivated to see Leia. She was busy colouring with my mum in the living room. Grandma Chew began to share with me the interesting things Leia did for the day. We had a good laugh. Didn’t take long for Bret to reach my mum’s place, Leia was looking forward to our home sweet home.

Back home, I needed to organize my work stuffs and made a business call. Bret was in the room reading bedtime story to Leia.

Mil returned with the most delicious Ngoh Hiang (Meat Rolls) handmade with love by Big Aunt. Dear mil returned from work but she went on to wash the dish dryers. Soon Leia was asleep and Bret air-fried the Ngoh Hiang for our supper together. Incredible taste and texture… it was simply divine. Yums…

After supper, I continued my work. 11.30pm, I accomplished my last to-do for work..that is to update my schedule on the shared google drive with my personal assistant.

So far, 2014 looks like a busy year for me.

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