Big Aunt’s Ngoh Hiang

Another night of Ngoh Hiang (Meat Roll). His big aunt is an amazing and generous chef.  She gave us a box of handmade ngoh hiang. All we have to do is either steam or deep fry.

I never like Ngoh Hiang until I tried the ones with water chestnut. And its great fortune to try Big Aunt’s handmade Ngoh Hiang. Bret air fried the ngoh hiang.. he says two each. Actually we can eat more but.. its already supper time.

So here’s the beautiful and carefully made ngoh hiang.


The combination of minced pork and fresh schrimps brings a delightful taste and texture. Just by looking at the meat, I must say Big Aunt concocted the finest seasoning for meat. Usually, meat rolls are cut before served but I realised its even better when having it in rolls.


We are left with four rolls. I am going to attempt ngoh hiang using food processor.

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