Peony Jade with his family

Two weeks ago, I made an online reservation for lunch at Peony Jade, Keppel Club. Hubby loves dim sum and he was good with the idea.

Saturday brunch with his family, present: First Aunt, 3rd Aunt, Cousin Karen, Mil and our little family.

The reason for Peony Jade was because I chanced upon this cute dim sum at their website.


Every dish was served fresh and hot from the kitchen. Thankfully, porridget was jus right, Leia loves the porridge.


My personal favourite was the signature steamed custard bun.

peony jade

Truly live up to its name, Peony Jade’s Volcanic Egg Yolk Buns 流沙包. Make sure you order this when you visit the restaurant.

We had rice rolls too. Not the best though..

DSC_0522 (1)

Another favourite of mine.. Deep fried bean curd roll with seafood.


We actually ordered a lot more but I did not take any pictures as I was busy enjoying the food and family bonding. The beautiful pictures in this entry were from Dainty Bites. A talented photographer and I like her blog.

So back to Peony Jade, it is actually my first time and certainly, looking forward to next trip.

From the website,

“At Peony Jade Restaurant, only the freshest ingredients are used to highlight the natural goodness and flavours of the dishes. The restaurant is committed to both quality and health, ensuring NO MSG is added.”

I am interested in their CNY 2014 Buffet $38++ per pax comes with Yu Sheng, Shark Fin Broth and the delicious Dim Sums.

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