Kiddy Ride and Lego

After his favourite dim sum for lunch, we went Vivo City to look for his shoes and Leia’s cny clothings. 3rd Aunt and Mil accompanied us to the mall. Truly appreciate their companion to accompany us walking around the mall looking for Leia’s dresses.

Leia’s grandma likes Vivo City because she can bring Leia to the car ride. And Bret was the chosen one to accompany Leia in the ring.

He told us it was tiring for him. In fact, he was almost hit by cars too. Next, we fulfilled our promise to buy Leia a new toy as she has been a very good girl at home. Our bubbly precious went estactic the moment she spotted the mega toy store.

Leia: “There! That’s Toy R Us! I saw it. My eyes very sharp you know.”

Recently, she’s into Barbie. However, she decided to get Lego instead.


The bricks were small and many parts were tiny. There are many Benefits of Lego. She would build and show us her creative work. I encouraged her to take a picture of her work using the ipad. Its interesting to watch her taking pictures using iPad.

Before Leia offically turned 3 years old, she reluctantly put away her toys. Since she entered Nursery 2, I saw a vast difference in her. Leia keeps telling us she is big girl now and she insists on doing things on her own such as dressing herself, going to the toilet on her own, bathing herself, keeping her toys away, tidy her playroom and many more.

Now… if I see mess on the floor, all I have to do is give her a gentle reminder and she would hurriedly keep her toys with a great sense of responsibility. And I can never praise her enough with her good habits. Happy mother and daughter at home.

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