Chilli Crab by Kelvin Bro

On wed, I travelled around Singapore fo to collect documents. And I am thankful that my dad accompanied and drove me. He insisted although I can drive on my own.

In the car, he told me my parents brought Kelvin Bro to supermarket to buy crabs. My brother did some internet research on how to choose crab and which is the best sauce.

At home, he had my mum’s helper to assist him in the preparation.


Kelvin bro even thought about the garnish. I like this dish so much! I had 3 slice of white bread to go along with the sauce. Although a little small, the crabs were fresh and yummy. My dad told me 4 crabs for $20 dollars. There wasn’t much choices.

Kelvin’s Tip

– To choose a good meaty crab, press the adominal plate. If its firm, means the crab is meaty. If you can depress, the crab has lesser meat.
– As for sauce, go for Prima Chilli Crab. Available at supermarket.

Gave Kelvin a crab supplier address. I requested for Chilli Crab & Black Pepper Crab on our reunion dinner.

So far, chilli crab is the only dish my father and brother cooked at home.

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