Seng Kee Sambal Lala

We have been dining out on weekdays. Due to work, I have not been cooking. Bret actually preferred the idea because he don’t have to wash the dishes.

Every working day around the same time, he will call me and then pick me up from where I am. He leaves choice of dinner to me. I remember we used to bicker and quarrel over where to eat… during teenager times. Glad we have grown up.

Lately, I would suggest a place and Bret sponteanously drove me to the eatery.

Yesterday, I craved for Seng Kee Kidney Mee Sua. But in the end, we ordered sambal lala, kang kong and pork ribs.


Best friend B told me she likes the lala here. On the sweeter side, its like chilli crab gravy over lala.

Hubby felt the meal at seng kee wasn’t satisfying. I think so too. Changi village Bai Sha Seafood remains my favourite.

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