Shopping for his CNY Shirts

Last Friday, Bret’s buddies came over our place to sing ktv.

They sang, drank and played drinking games. By 11pm, my dear hubby was already tipsy. We moved on to our place and he continued to drink with Hongda. Near 12am, Bret was officially drunk at home. He slept through till following morning 10am.

Out of shower, Bret looked happy and asked me what he did when he was drunk. I think he had fun although he told me he wouldn’t want to drink again.

We had lunch at Beach Road Prawn Mee, one of the best Prawn Noodle in Singapore.


Beach Road Prawn Noodle House

370 East Coast Road
S428981 63457196
8am-4pm daily
Closed on Tuesdays

Next, we head out to Ion Orchard.

The agenda was to shop for his cny clothings. 2 hours passed, we couldn’t find anything for him and almost gave up. Until, we stepped into Top Man, Calvin Klein and Ted Baker. The material for Ted Baker was incredible and we love the details.

So now, we are left with leia’s and my cny clothings as well as cny decorations for home.

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