Melissa Incense II

At 21 years old, I pampered my feet with the iconic jelly shoes from Melissa. Wore the nude-coloured shoes for the longest time.

This time, I bought another pair as a working mother.


This pair is called Melissa Incense II. It is so comfortable, I have to have it.


Took me months to affirm my decision because of the price. Shall wear this pair for Cny.

From MDreams,

“Iconic. Pop-luxury. Eco-friendly.

Each pair of Melissa shoe is a covetable piece of art; they are easily recognisable from their modern designs and rich colours. The shoes are comfortable, fashionable, express individuality and are eco-friendly that many stylish women and celebrities have even become huge fans and advocates of the brand – from the likes of Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrósio with whom Melissa has recently collaborated with and launched a capsule collection, to Hollywood stars such as Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens and Anne Hathaway.”


501 Orchard Road,
#B2-03 Wheelock Place.
Singapore 238880

Tel: +65 6235-2946

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

Official Online Store:

2 thoughts on “Melissa Incense II

    • Hi Yuni, its comfortable for office wear however not reccomended for long day of shopping as I find personally find the front area a bit narrow.

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