Mahjiong Chocolates from Chocoelf

Bret loves to play Mahjiong. He was the one who taught me how to play the game.

Some people play it for living, some people play for additional income, some people like us play for leisure.

In my recent trip to a hair salon, the lady boss was telling me about mahjiong cookies at Taka cny fair. I was determined to get a set and amuse my mahjiong lover at home.

Reached the fair, I managed to find mahjiong cookie/biscuit but it was not what I expected as the mahjiong was packaging and cookie was plain with no imprint.

So I used my Note 3 to google for Mahjiong Chocolate and found Chocoelf.


Coincidentally, the Mahjiong Chocolates can be found at  the basement of Takashimaya. Agnes was with me and she thinks I should get this set.


All for the smile of hubby.

Chocoélf: The Niche Chocolatier

Chocoélf @ Takashimaya
Basement 2 Food Hall
Takashimaya Department Store Ngee Ann City, Tower A
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

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