Mini Apple Pies

Its Monday and the rainy weather is so cooling. Ran through some work stuffs and then.. I decided to follow my heart and baked some mini bites for lunch. Played Bossa Nova songs to accompany me at home.

Opened the fridge and found three small apples. So its my main ingredient for baking. For Mini Apple Pie Recipe, I found a recipe from Mamas gotta Bake and modified a little.


In the sauce pot, I melt the butter and heat up small cubes of apples. Followed by Castor Sugar and Cinnamon powder. I added a pinch of salt and some water too.

Caramelising the golden sizzling apples was simply beautiful. Using my sillicon tongs, I stirred the warm mixture ensuring the apples were not overcooked.

My first apple pie was from Macdonald and naturally, I was trying to achieve a similar taste.


When I turned off the heat, I began to prep my mini pies. Did the traditional lattice top! Very theraputic and pleasurable to look at.


Into Philips Air Fryer… 180 degree celcius for 12-14 mins. I like to use Air Fryer because I don’t have to preheat and it gives the pastries more crisp.

From: Wikipedia,

“Dutch style

Traditional Dutch apple pie comes in two varieties, a crumb (appelkruimeltaart) and a lattice (appeltaart) style pie, both recipes are distinct in that they typically call for flavourings such as cinnamon and lemon juice to be added and differ in texture, not taste.

Swedish style[edit]

The Swedish style apple pie is predominantly a variety of apple crumble, rather than a traditional pastry pie. Often breadcrumbs are used (wholly or partially) instead of flour, and sometimes rolled oats. It is usually flavoured with cinnamon and served with vanilla custard or ice cream.”

Pipping hot mini apple pies for lunch. I had about 3 mini pies.


Packed the rest and await my loved ones to try my mini bites. Shall serve the mini apple pies with vanilla ice cream for dessert tonight.

Whatsapp best friend B & Bret the pictures. Love to get them involved in my cooking or baking process.

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