Dinner for Two

Sunday night, Leia was off to grandparents place. In the living room, Bret turned on the television. Then, he took out the iron board and began ironing his working shirts for the week.

Using the oven, we thawed some scallops. He was supposed to sautee the scallops for dinner however, he decided ironing was priority. So I took over the kitchen and wrapped the big, white scallops with streaky bacons.

Seasoning was simple, salt and pepper. And I used Philips Air Fryer to “Air Fry” the scallops at 180 Degree Celcious for about 15mins. In the last 5 mins, I turned over the scallops and added some butter together with a bit of white wine for more flavors. 

The moment I served the Bacon & Scallops, Bret said “Let me eat first, I will iron later.” Normally he prefers to finish his task at hand but well… he can’t wait to savour the his favourite scallops. Accompanied with white wine, our dinner was simple. Instead of spagetti, he asked for instant noodle (Tom Yum Flavour). He ate more bacons as I actually like the scallops alone.

Overall, enjoyable and for the whole of Sunday he gave me a shy and cheeky look. I asked him why and he refused to tell me.

The feeling is kinda sweet though and I miss him a little more today.

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