Body Massage at Home

Last night, I goggled for Home Massage. Had a few choices for Javanese home massage and I went with my gut feel. Didn’t explore or scrutinize the website. I think the size of the contact number featured on Sri Therapy helped me made the decision.

So this morning, I text Mdm Wati and lucky me, she was available at 2.30pm.


In my bedroom, Mdm Wati requested for a bedsheet to lay over my bed and pillow. Next, she asked for two bath towels to cover my body. The essential oil she used smelled exactly like the fragrance of Ion Orchard. The ginger cream she used on my stomach was comforting and she kept reminding me to watch my diet. Love handles growing …. maybe one day, I should try her slimming massage.

Besides massage, I received extensive information about my body such as poor blood circulation. I am advised to wear bedroom slippers to keep my feet warm. Also, to have more fish in my diet.

As we get older, we just have to watch our health. Truly, we are what we eat.

Having a massage at home is simply comforting. I have booked another session with Mdm Wati next week.

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