December with him

It is festive month and everyone is on holiday mood. I found time to do lashes and hair. Bret and I had more time together too.

With Leia at my mum’s place Mon-Wed, we had the whole house to ourselves. My parents and siblings love playing with the little girl. For us, No parenting no divided attention … just him and me.

All couplesladies agree it is important for couples to have quality time. Also each couples do it differently. For us, instead of finding romantic places or iconic dating places like beaches and park etc, we love hanging out at our home sweet home.


A lot of couples have their minor quarrels or arguments day in day out. We are not spared. I noticed home is the only place he does not get agitated easily.

Watching drama, eating our fav take aways and occassional chilling out with wine at our comfortable love nest.

We fell in love as students and have never stop cheering each other to the finishing line. Our dream came true, house is his pride and marks his achievement. Together, we discussed for months with our designer on how we would our house to be built. Every details and furnitures in house has a story to tell.

I thank God for giving Bret and me the strength to walk through the ups and downs of relationships. Every passing year, we saw each other grow in different aspects of life and we never stop learning new things about each other.

There had been disappointments but we make effort to change ourselves. That…takes time. The key is don’t give up on each other.

My Learning Lesson: Its never easy to maintain beautiful things. We need lots of love, care and respect.

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