Christmas Day 2013

Around noon time, Kathy and Darren delivered delicious cupcakes to our place. The passionate baker updates her cupcakes on instagram, C_forcupcakesbykat. We had a quick juicy update of each other’s life while Leia was happily playing with Darren.

Kathy, being a Chanel Fanatic went excited over my new handbag. We talked about how Bret used to buy me Baby G Watches with his national service pay and I bought him a Jean Paul Gaultier wallet with my first pay as part-time waitress. Then, she looked into my eyes and smiled, “Bret really loves you very much.” The lovely couple left after 20 minutes.

For lunch, Bret and I went mil’s restaurant. Next, we made a trip to Hourglass at Raffles Hotel to get his xmas gift. Its a must to look for Kenny, he is very sincere and professional at work.

It is also the first time I carried my very first Chanel bag out with me. Certainly the most expensive xmas gift from him so far…


Inevitably, my budget for his xmas gift was raised. Bret told me he needs a casual time piece and keen in iwc watches.


We decided on a chronograph leather watch and the happy hubby wore his new watch immediately. Christmas came at the perfect time to celebrate the spirit of giving.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.  ~Peg Bracken”

With his new watch and my new handbag, we went Robinsons to get toys for his cousins’ children and Chanel lip colours for his mother and aunts.

At 6pm, our hands were full with presents. We were on our way to Big Aunt’s house for an annual gathering with his relatives. The children unwrapped their presents with joy. Three hours later, it was time to go over to my mum’s place. She had prepared steamboat and log cakes. Also, more presents for Leia.

By the time I reached home, my energy was drained out completely. Battery flat. Its like a prelude to chinese new year.

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