Elson meets Leia

Introducing the sweetest little boy I have ever seen. His signature smile is that he would look into your eyes and let out a shy grin.


Elson loves the slide very much and I am going to order three slides for my gal friends who have nieces and nephews.

Children love tents… Glad I bought this from ikea. Followed my instinct and yes, the joy of children makes everything worthwhile.


Leia prefers to play with girls or older children and I was hoping she will be friendly to Elson. Thank God, she did. After warming up with new faces, the little boy followed Leia into her playroom. He is observant and steady.


She began to write as Elson erased some on the whiteboard.


The pretty mummy of Elson.


Chiewling is a blissful lady with a loving husband and son. Elson makes everyone happy and he’s soooo huggable. When it was time for him to go home, everyone queued up to get his hug and kiss from him.

Like Geron, Elson is a very smiley 2 yr old who melts the hearts of people. They would observe we are good with his mummy and let us hug or hold their hands.


Not every toddlers are comfortable with unfamiliar faces, Leia wasn’t always friendly during her 2 years old stage. So its normal. Just expressing the feeling of a toddler smiling and coming towards us is simply incredible.

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