Meeting Mr. G

Yesterday Bret invited his colleague over for dinner and drinks.

It was my first time meeting Mr. G  and the 28 year old graduate has all the positive attributes to succeed well in life. It was a night where Bret told our guest countless of times that he feels very blessed to have Leia and me.

At Mindchamps

(I am wearing a black short dress from H&M…love it!)

As a couple, we shared the memorable moment of our relationship journey with the young lad. He is currently in a new relationship and I heard him talking about his girlfriend many times as well.

One who enjoys quality food and fine dining, he introduced several restaurants to us. Our chat lasted till 5am. Another night of staying up late… actually I supposed three of us were tired but no one voiced up and so the time went on to tick.

This morning, I looked into the mirror and instantly I remind myself not to stay up late again. My skin was so bad I wished I have SKII mask at home.

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