Birthday Boy Clarence

Wednesday was my little bro Clarence’s birthday. With my parents, we picked Leia from school and brought her along to Tampines Mall.

While waiting for dad at pick up point, Leia & I took a picture together. Sticking out her tongue reminds me of angel H.


My mum chose a chocolate cake from Four Leaves and I bought couple of side dishes for our family party at home. Nice to see my brothers close to each other. Leia is so comfortable at mum place. Everyone takes turn to play with her. She likes to sit on Kelvin’s gf lap and watch youtube together. Seeing the way she interacts with my siblings makes her more of a little baby sister to them rather than niece.

I ate a bit of cake and asked Bret to help me finish. Not a cake person.. prefer to see than eat. Bro Kelvin bought lots of durian… woohoo.. King of Fruit for dessert. Instead of present, Bret and I deemed red packet as a practical gift. In a way, we let the birthday boy choose his own gift.

Happy Birthday Little Bro !

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