Simple & Splendid

This morning I did the usual housework & made breakfast for hubby and little girl.

Leia woke up a little later than me. Looking mischievous and asking many “why”. Loves most when she suddenly says “I love you mummy!” followed by a hug.

Lunch was at Teck Porridge, Tembling Rd. Leia enjoyed the braised duck very much. She ate a bowl of porridge all by herself. While I had the plate of sambal lala all by myself. Very satisfying!

To Bret, Sunday is a family day. Spent the early afternoon at Big Aunt place where mil resides for a month. The happy grandma was playing with bubbly Leia the whole time 🙂 I had great chat with his Big Aunt & Cousin Karen about house & recipes.

Back at home, it was just us hanging out, watching tv and playing together. I am very thankful whenever Bret helps to wash the dishes. I didn’t have to ask him and I know he wanted to lighten my chores. Love him for that.

When Bret is not working, he loves to rest at home. Leia is becoming more homely. She has so much toys yet limited time. Also these days I hardly search for interesting or fun places as spending quality time with hubby n daughter have make our house a home.

A place we feel most comfortable to do whatever we love. Sleep, tv, surf the net, swim, cook, bake, play with leia..and many more!

In the evening, mil sent helpers to do a thorough cleaning of our house. Cozy family atmosphere & nice smelling housetoilet makes me feel blessed. Praise the lord.

Its 11.11pm and tomorrow I have much work & errands to do. Like Bret, I yearned for a longer break this festive season. He’s planning to take a week off work to restnua at home. I would love to do the same but I wonder how possible is that…

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