Sat Morning with Little Ones

This morning I had another gathering with my primary school mates at my place. Beelian, my cooking advisorpartner, helped me out with cooking spagetti, mushroom soup and scallops! Without her, I was quite lost..glad to hear her voice in the house. Also, my darling B woke up in the morning to bake a heart-shaped quiche for us.

Our favourite agenda was to get the little ones into the pool first!


Leia was happily socialising with her friends and following the crowd to Jacuzzi area. She loves when we are together however, she does not need me to be around her closely. I guess its the familiar environment as well as independence she learnt from childcare.


At the Jacuzzi area, everyone bonded as the kids enjoyed some splashin moment.


My dear friend Eileen and her 2 year old daughter, Olivia. I took many pictures of the beautiful mother and daughter ūüôā


Back at my place, the children were hungry and had spagetti. After meals, they were busy playing. In the house, we have 2 years old and 3 years old. Around 2pm, the kids drew lots and did gift exchange.


To celebrate the season, christmas hat and presents make the best props for “Photo Booth”.


Agnes, my pretty friend and her boy. She was overjoyed to see Dylan opened up so much this afternoon. He was running around the house with Leia pretending they were firemen. Last Friday, he had refused to wear his christmas hat but today was exceptional.


Here is a video I made for the mini gathering.

It was wonderful having the mummies and children over at our place. 20 years of friendship brings great warmth whenever we make time to meet. Together we have braved through PSLE, Finding the Right Career and Right Man to Motherhood. Memorable topics we had and many more life events to talk about in the years to come.

With all the ups and downs in our life, I see us growing to be genuinely happy for each other when we see others experience success or a cause for celebration in their lives. Not to mention during low times, we want to be there for each other.

Best Friend B saw the difference in my schedule ever since I have a husband. Though she would whine and sulk but in the end her actions let me know she understands. Agnes made effort to meet me at my place despite the distance and third trimester pregnancy. Pretty sure, I’m ¬†the first few friends she would ask to meet during her precious free time. Eileen is a successful career woman who is wise and selfless in giving happiness to others.

All three of them are rare gems. Truly grateful for good health, happy family and careers blessed by the lord above.

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