First Christmas Party for 2013

This year, I set up small decorative trees at different parts of my house.

It was a last minute shopping for decorations and I had Bret to accompany me to Daiso and Gift Shopping at Toy R Us. Using iPad, I searched for Christmas Playlist on youtube. I like Michael Buble’s Christmas Album. By 6pm, the christmas atmosphere sets in.

And here’s our family picture!


And a video made for the christmas party 12th December 2013…

Glad to see the kids experienced their first-ever gift exchange.

It was pretty chaotic for the mummies as the kids were so eager to grab the presents and go. At that moment, my house was noisier than fish market..mainly filled with Aunties shouting for their children to pose with the presents. Thankfully, the kids were pretty cooperative.

The happiest group in the house have to be the children. Much joy in the house for adults and little ones.

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