My First Chanel 2.55

Lately the couples we met have just celebrated their special occassions and the men were sharing about recent big-ticket purchase for their wifey. Casually, I whined about how Bret never surprised me with gifts anymore.

Bret explained: “Because the gift is expensive so its better to bring the wife”

Jacky added:”And in the end, its the Men who experienced the Element of Surprise!”

Totally got me laughing out loud at Jacky’s element of surprise as I have seen the surprised look on Bret’s face before! 

Last Saturday, Bret happily drove me to Ngee Ann City and we arrived at Chanel Boutique. Despite the hefty price tags on each item, we saw a crowd in the luxury retail store. Men selecting gifts for their wives, girlfriends shopping for wallets together and for us, we were looking at Chanel 2.55. Had thought of getting the tote or evening bag but the ones on display were not bags I would carry. So … I had to make a choice among three Chanel 2.55 Cavier.

After trying out few bags, together with Bret we affirmed our choice. The SA did a splendid christmas packaging for my gift.


It’s not Classic Black or Beige but the seasonal colour, pale pink. Looks beige under warm lighting.


Bret and I love the pastel colour very much. It reminds me of hubby’s love when I carried the beauty and its a meaningful pass down to Leia when she grows up. Daddy has achieved another milestone in his career and the gift is an indication of his love for mummy. Actually, I can get another 2.55 on my own but Bret will go mad at the way I spend. So…gotta be annual thing. Time to set up a Chanel year another maybe.

Last but not least, Thank you Hubby for being soooooooo amazing and I thank God for his blessings.

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