Leia at N1B Mindchamps (2nd Semester)

During Parents-Teachers Day, Leia’s teachers shared with us interesting things about our girl. According to teachers, she is a fast learner and gets along well with children. Leia has a bubbly nature and she loves to sing.

Besides a pretty detailed report, I get to bring home her arts and crafts as well as a CD containing 100+ pictures of Leia throughout the semester.

First picture is taken during her concert rehearsal.. look at how comfortable she is.


Teacher Evelyn told us she is able to form 3-letter words with the use of phonics.


At home, I see that she loves numbers and understand the concept of addition as well as subtraction.


Guess all the fun games in school help her to understand the numeric concept.


Arts and Crafts … Leia has great remarks for her abilities to perform cutting, pasting and etc.


I believe it was due to her early exposure in practicing Fine Motor Skills at Happy Train. Enrolling Leia to enrichment centres and preschool is not all about academic but to enrich her growing mind through varieties of games, guided play and hands-on activities. I do not see the need to make sure her learning pace is way ahead of others, its about Leia and her learning journey.


Mindchamps is a full day preschool. Like any daycare centres, the little ones will shower and take afternoon nap from 1-3pm. After waking up, the children will participate in the enrichment programmes.

First up, Drama and Speech Program where children requires lots of imaginary. Bret and I noticed Leia is good at impersonating little animals.


On Friday, the little glutton gets to do Gourmet Moment. 


I like that she knows she can make her own food.


After school, Leia will ask for her gourmet and eat it right away.


Music appreciation class allows Leia to be exposed to different music instruments.


Tambourine is a music instrument she used to play during Happy Train.


No wonder she requested for a xylophone at home.


There’s her in Gym class working on balance and movement.


Look forward to show Leia these wonderful pictures when she is much much older.

Thank you Mindchamps for everything!

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