Emicakes Push N Pop

Made a visit to my client’s place and the generous lady insisted on giving me two cake pops. She says these are for my daughter. Her kind gestures made me feel blessed.

The moment I took the cake pops out from fridge, Leia’s little hands were reaching out to the “lollipop” cakes.


In her hands, Leia was examining her new “toy”. She was more eager to play rather than eat. So I asked if she prefers chocolate or strawberry. Her classic answer, “Chocolate”. She has daddy’s tastebuds. By the way, I am not a chocolate-lover.


Opened the top lid cover and ready to push …. Gotta help her before she push everything out.


Ready for her Chocolate Cake!


She seemed to enjoy the cake pop … that was chilled in the fridge. Maybe she was confused.. Ice Cream or Lollipop or Cake?


I reckon its a good idea to use Push N Pop Cakes for Party Favor. The cost is $4.20 each and you can get them from Emicakes.

Leia finished everything! I washed and re-use the plastic cylinders to store bribes like candies as well as make our own cake pops.

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