Cambridge Satchel Oxblood is here!

Two days ago, I received an email about the shipment. And this morning, the beautiful handmade leather bag arrived from UK.


Love the colour and there’s my initials in gold embossing.

 “The Cambridge Satchel Company offers traditionally made satchels, batchels and music bags in a variety of colours ranging from classic black, dark brown and navy blue, to eye popping red, yellow and purple. Their logo is a very cute bicycle, which is appropriate, as Cambridge is one of the few towns in England where bicycles rule the roads. The bags are handmade by skilled artisans in the North of England using traditional methods.” – Lovely Bike


The satchel is totally English with really nice leather. Looks durable to me and the stitching is brilliant. Compared to my other leather bags, the 15″ satchel is very light. Because it is so traditional… I actually need to buckle the strap hence the enclosures on this bag are not easy to fasten/unfasten. Not going to be a daily affair with the satchel.

All in all, I love how it feels and look. I can see myself bringing the oxblood classic satchel to library, cafes and office.

To H: Your edgy style is inspiring.

Last but not least, thank you hubby.

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